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LID and Green Infrastructure (GI) -

promoting the natural movement of water, instead of allowing it to wash into streets

and down stormdrains

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  • Stormwater Retrofits

    - Existing Sites
    - New Construction
    - Redevelopment/Renovations

  • Environmental Site Design

    - Rainwater Harvesting + reUse
    - Pervious Concrete
    - Bioretention / Rain Gardens
    - Green Roofs 
    - Native Landscapes 
Watershed Assessments

    - Commercial 
    - Community HOAs
    - Residential

  • Grant Writing

    - Stormwater Retrofits
      (Commercial & Industrial)

    - Community Projects

  • Master Planning

Our Projects

rain gardens, pervious concrete

The Low Impact Design Studio (LID Studio) offers a unique niche in the environmental site design realm.  Since 2002 we have specialized in Low Impact Development (LID) before it was vogue and regulated!  In fact, the LID Studio was formed to help bring sustainable stormwater practices to the forefront of society through demonstration projects featuring bioretention (rain gardens), rainwater harvesting (cisterns), green roofs, pervious concrete, and native landscaping.

Low Impact Design Studio


anne @ LIDstudio . com

we specialize in all things rainwater + stormwater ... 
from the rooftop to the property line ... and everything in between

Give us a call. We are unique in that we write grants & secure funding for our clients!

The Rockfish Raw Bar & Grill

the ​stormwater retrofit project has started construction - 

watch the construction process!

LID RainSavers LLC  will be launched soon!

Anne Guillette, Principal/Owner

Our Philosophy + Our Passion

rainwater: a valuable resource

Project Pages

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The Quiet Waters Park Team received the
2013 "Excellence in Concrete" Award (Sustainability Category) from the American Concrete Institute

featuring pervious concrete, rain gardens, native landscaping in an outdoor environmental classroom.


Our Services

assessments, design, planning

LID Studio

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"Excellence in Concrete" Award

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LID Instructional Videos


The Chesapeake Stormwater Network 

and the 

Center for Watershed Protection

developed instructional videos on LID Construction, Inspection and Maintenance for the Landscape Industry 

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